How it works

  1. Choose your plan or send a gift
    Ryan and Charlie will venture to two foodie hotspots each month in a season of 6 cook-alongs over 3 months. You can choose the plan that suits you: The Half Tour allows you to choose 1 class from the two available every month. The Full Tour means you won’t miss a stop and you’ll join both cook-alongs (however, don’t worry, you can take a holiday if you know you’ll be away - max. two holidays per series).

  2. We prep the ingredients
    Ryan and his brilliant brigade of chefs will source the best ingredients from our little black book of artisan suppliers.  At our kitchens in Battersea, the chefs will prepare the produce as well create our special marinades, sauces, rubs, salt. Finally they are packaged beautifully by our dispatch team, ready to be sent in our eco ‘wool-cool’ insulated boxes to your homes.

  3. We deliver the ingredients
    Ahead of the cook-along the doorbell will ring, and your tracked box of ingredients will arrive (don’t worry if you’re out - your produce is wrapped cosily in wool and kept below the important 5c until your return).  We will send you everything you need and we’ll list any equipment and simple preparation that might be required ahead of time. All ingredients are labelled and we'll go through it all when the cook-along begins.

  4. We guide you with a live cook-along
    With your aprons on and ingredients out, tune into A Cook’s Tour live via a link that will be sent to you beforehand. Join Ryan and Charlie on Tour, and cook along, picking up some top tips and learning about worldly cuisine. A live chat function allows you to be a part of the community and fire some questions at the team.

  5. Eat, appreciate and share
    The cook-along lasts approximately 1 hour and by the end, you’ll have created a feast to be proud of (and desperate to tuck into). Take your time to eat, marvel in your brilliance and share pictures of it all with the #CookWithRocket to be in with a chance of winning some epic prizes.



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