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Allergen key: gluten (g), milk (m), nuts (n), sulphites (s), crustaceans (c), celery (ce), fish (f), soy (sy), molluscs (mo), mustard (mu), egg (e), peanuts (p), sesame (se)

8th October - SALES CLOSED

Welcome to Basque Country

Kicking off our autumn season, we're heading to northern Spain to a region renowned as a food lovers destination. Cooking authentic Basque country dishes, you'll handle native produce and experience flavours of the region’s cuisine (before the glamour and glitz of the Michelin stars arrived). Welcome to Basque Country.

The menu

Pinxos - pan con tomate (g, s), white anchovies, olives
Bayonne ham & Idiazabal sheep’s cheese sourdough croquettas (g, m, e)
Wild Pyrenean Hongos - mushrooms, hen's yolk, savoury butter (m, e, s)
Veal Cheeks Cooked in Basque Cider (ce, n, s)
Burnt Basque cheesecake (m, e)

22nd October - SALES CLOSED

Backwaters of Kerala

This menu takes you to the south-western tip of India, where rainforests and mountains meet tropical shores. Kerala is a fascinating and culturally diverse place, influenced hugely by the Portuguese, Dutch and English colonialisations, all of which reflect in the food traditions today.

With freshness in spice, sweetness from the equatorial fruit and incredible fresh fish, our Keralan menu is a real masterclass in the culture of this unique part of the world.

The menu

Sweet root bhajis (g, m, g)
Radicchio kachumber (f, s)
Yellow tail king fish in banana leaf with Malabar curry (f, m, c)
Keralan mountain rice (m)
Fire roasted pineapple (s)

5th November

Flavours of Istanbul

The gateway to the East and a city with a myriad of culinary influences, here you will learn to make authentic kofte and understand traditional Turkish cookery methods as well as venture into the world of trade via food. It's really foundational Turkish cuisine at its best, and you'll tuck into a moreish dinner we guarantee you'll want to make again at the end of it.

The menu

Organic lamb köfte (g, s, m)
Turkish street wings with shawmer ketchup (g, m, e)
Smoked aubergine
Ezme tomato salad
Pide - Antalya black fig, wild honey, and Zahter herb (m, g)

19th November

Temples of Balinese Cuisine

We've been dreaming of the beaches of Bali. In this week's destination cook-along, you'll learn the flavour profiles of authentic Balinese cuisine and bring them to the twenty first century. We will guide you from the national dish to the beach food of the western shore, balancing modern Bali with their ancient and much revered traditions. 

The menu

BBQ almond & coconut chicken satay (g, m, sy, n, m, s)
Shrimp leaf tacos with grilled lime aioli (c, mo, mu, e)
Jungle crackers with house-made pickles and chutneys (s, f, sy)
Wild Nasi Goreng - raw greens, Kecap Manis & wildflower (sy, p, s, c)

3rd December

Indigenous Outback

We're heading down under to one of Ryan's favourite places. This menu is all about the flavours of smoke and fire. You'll take native ingredients, as well as a few home grown ones, and end up with an Aussie feast made for recreating. From miso and coffee lamb to grilled kales and sheep's milk - expect the unexpected as you cook a taste of the Outback at home.

The menu

Fire smoked lamb with miso and coffee (s, sy, g)
Native Barramundi, pickled fennel & lemon myrtle (s, f)
Carrots Wild with rosella fruit & macadamia nut dressing (s, sy, n)
Grilled kales with scorched citrus & sheep’s milk, Manjimup truffle (m, s)

17th December

Korean Street Food

It's the final destination of the autumn tour and we're going out with a bang. Our Southern Korean menu in three words: sweet, sour and heat. This season finale is not to be missed as we take you to the cutting edge of modern street food (pork popcorn, anyone?).

The menu

Sticky belly pork & pork popcorn (s, sy, g)
Tempura broccoli with 36-month Parmesan (g, e, m, s)
Kimbap rolls (with Korean pickles, sushi rice, mustard (s, sy, g, se, mu)
Seoul rice noodle salad (se, f, mo)

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